Say Hello to Uni Life


The ACCESS card is provided by us, the University of Sydney Union, and is a little piece of plastic that you’ll need to make the most of uni life at USYD (University of Sydney). 

Buy an ACCESS card and enjoy the benefits of uni life:

  • Get 15% off all over campus* with cheap food, drinks and other uni essentials
  • Join clubs and societies and make new friends
  • Go to parties, events and festivals with discounted entry
  • Get discounts off campus with cheap movie tickets, cheaper food, fashion, entertainment, travel and more 
  • Join free day trips to get to know the uni and Sydney (for new international students only)
  • Become a student leader and learn valuable career skills
  • Apply for business and creative grants to help get your idea off the ground
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Options Price  
Semester 2 $45  
3 Year $175 Save $50**
5 Year $275 Save $100***

Buy an ACCESS card now

*Available at Unimart, The Sydney Store and every food and drink outlet on the main campus excluding Ralph’s and Mint. 10% off at Poolside cafĂ©
**Savings based on the total cost of 3x Annual ACCESS cards at $75 / year = $225
***Savings based on the total cost of 5x Annual ACCESS cards at $75 / year = $375 

Click here for ACCESS card Terms and Conditions of membership