Say Hello to Uni Life


The ACCESS membership program is provided by us, the University of Sydney Union, and is all you need to make the most of uni life at USYD (University of Sydney). 

Buy an ACCESS membership and enjoy the benefits of uni life:

  • Get 15% off all over campus* with cheap food, drinks and other uni essentials (that means saving on pizzas at Courtyard, baguettes at Taste, drinks at Manning, coffee from Fisher and hoodies from Unimart plus so much more). 
  • Join clubs and societies and make new friends
  • Go to parties, events and festivals with discounted entry
  • Get discounts off campus with cheap movie tickets, cheaper food, fashion, entertainment, travel and more 
  • Join free day trips to get to know the uni and Sydney (for new international students only)
  • Become a student leader and learn valuable career skills
  • Apply for business and creative grants to help get your idea off the ground


Options Price  
1 Year - New Member $75  
1 Year - Renewal $65  
3 Year $175 Save $50**
5 Year $275 Save $100***

Buy an ACCESS membership now

*Available at Unimart, The Sydney Store and every food and drink outlet on the main campus excluding Ralph’s and Mint. 10% off at Poolside cafĂ©
**Savings based on the total cost of 3x Annual ACCESS memberships at $75 / year = $225
***Savings based on the total cost of 5x Annual ACCESS memberships at $75 / year = $375 

ACCESS Program Terms and Conditions of Membership