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Manning House, Manning Road, Camperdown NSW 2050


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Mexican – Crepes – Potatoes

Ground Level Outdoor Courtyard - Manning Building

Two Hot Cakes with Milkshake $5.00 Available all Day.

Xquisito milkshakes are made with a scoop of icecream, fresh milk and a choice of flavour:
Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, Caramel, Peppermint and Oreo® Cookie



No apologies but we don't see ourselves as a full on Mexican restaurant. We’ve tried very hard to create the flavours of Mexico in a form Australians enjoy. Our Nachos, Tacos, Burritos and more come with our famous mexican flavoured  beef, bean and chicken sauces which have been specially and exclusively developed for our system. We use only the best quality ingredients and everything is prepared under strict quality control. Our flavour is spicy – not chilli – although we have many ways to raise the temperature

Savoury Crepes

Our crepe batter is kept light to ensure the filling is the star as we make this delicious meal to order...fresh. We stand apart with our broad selection and generous servings of prepared and fresh fillings. From the healthy Popeye with its low fat ricotta base, tasty spinach and spanish onion through to our very popular Seafood  crepe with its generous combination of tasty cheese, mushroom, avocado, seafood mornay and shallots – there is something for everyone.
If you can’t find a combination that appeals – you’re welcome to create your own.

Baked Potatoes

Using only top grade super large potatoes, we dry bake our spuds to perfection before offering a mouth watering selection of fillings. Most popular are our Bolognese and Mexican Beef  fillings, served hot over a cheese base and topped with a generous serve of sour cream and shallots.
For those watching their waistline – a potato can be an extremely nutritious meal if you avoid all the dairy fillings – the potato itself has zero fat - so why not try our Dieters Delight or Vegetable Patch with a low fat ricotta or cottage cheese option,filled with fresh salad vegetables and topped with a refreshing vinaigrette – its delicious.

Sweet Crepes

Everyone needs a little decadence now and then and we won’t disappoint. Wrapped in a layer of  golden brown crepe we offer a mouth watering variety of sweet options. You’ve got to try our chocolate and strawberry crepe topped with ice cream …yummm ….or for the more faint hearted there is nothing quite like a lemon and sugar crepe with a generous dollop of fresh cream.
Afternoons were created to indulge in sweet crepes ...enjoy the moment!

Yoghurt - Fruit Salad – Desserts

Using only the absolute best quality Greek style yoghurt – 96% fat reduced of course - we create wonderful combinations with mixed berries, mango and passionfruit – served in cups and containers for easy eating and take away...its good for you and great tasting...what more could you want.  Our Fruit Salad is prepared on site fresh each day and combines the old favourites -  watermelon, rockmelon, honedew, pineapple and strawberries along with beautiful seasonal fruits.. if its fruit salad your after, try Xquisito.


Most stores offer freshly squeezed juice –  no additives – no frozen yoghurts – no magical potions – no gimmicks...no added sugars...just juice.
Iced Frappes and Smoothies are now available in most stores using 100% pure fruit blends...mmm...delicious.
Bottles, cans and water are always available.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm
9am-3.30pm Outside of Semester