Courtyard will be transformed into an interactive art space filled with trees that respond to participants, casting light and music into the space with the instalment of Organism. 

Artist and University of Sydney student, Antony Youssef is the creative force behind the exhibition. As a former Arts graduate, Youssef is pursuing law whilst delving into projects that combine his artistic passion and musical interests.  As both a musician and artist, Youssef was inspired by the modern works featured by Vivid Sydney and Dark Mofo Festival in Hobart in challenging traditional preconceptions of art. 

Organism uses technology and objects of nature to create a highly interactive experience shared between the trees and the participants. “People are momentarily removed from their environments, forgetting the mundanities of everyday life, ensconced in the possibilities, wonder and ‘magic’, said Youssef of his installation.
The fusion of technology and interactivity makes Organism an incredibly unique experience, as the different types of trees each have their own response to human interaction. As one tree makes use of sensors and coloured lights to demonstrate human impact on the environment, another tree can receive text messages from participants, as one will respond to the use of water to trigger animations. Youssef’s ability to surprise and inspire a growing sense of curiosity in participants is perfectly captured in the installation.
Organism was brought to life under the Bright Ideas program, a USU arts grant program designed to support emerging creative talent at USYD and provide opportunities to showcase their artistic vision. Students seeking to create an artistic project are able to apply for financial and strategic support under the Bright Ideas program. This is Antony’s second interactive art instalment show, after presenting ‘Air for Air’ at Electrofringe Festive 2017.

Exclusive Organism food and drink offers will be available at Courtyard each night of the installation. Iron Jack schooners for $6 or $20 growler and the $6 After 6pm meal of soup with a free garlic bread. 
Experience a sense of wonder and unique interaction created by one of USYD’s up and coming student artists. The installation will be held at Courtyard beginning from Monday 13th August and will be open for only one week, ending on Friday 17th August.