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Hosted by Chinese Dance and Musical Instrument Society

Club : Chinese Dance and Musical Instrument Society
DATE: 4 May 2017
TIME: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location : Holme Common Room

AGENDA OF A GENERAL MEETING OF Chinese Dance and Musical Instrument Society TO BE HELD AT 8:00pm ON 04/05/2017 IN THE Holme Common Room AGENDA EXECUTIVE ATTENDANCE: Xuechan Sui, President Yuwei Zhou, Vice-President Yanrui Zhu, Vice-President Yawen Li, Secretary Jiajing Liu, Treasurer 1. OPENING AND WELCOME 1.1 Introduction of the society, and introduction of the society's vision, mission and function. 2. APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE 3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING 3.1 Minutes of the meeting (April 2016) will be considered. 4. BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES 5. CORRESPONDENCE 6. MOTIONS ON NOTICE 7. ANNUAL REPORTS 7.1 The president will deliver her report orally 7.2 The treasurer will delver her report orally 7.3 The secretary will deliver her report orally 7.4 Other executive members 8. ELECTION OF THE EXECUTIVES Nominations will be considered and voted on for the following positions: 8.1President 8.2Secretary 8.3Treasurer 8.4Vice-president (Nomination instruction: candidate’s details e.g. name, SID, AID can be sent to, and candidates must show up on AGM. Besides, nomination can also be made on AGM.) 9. GENERAL BUSINESS 9.1. Engagement of students who are interested in Chinese dance and musical instruments. The president will speak about this issue 9.2. Booking rooms for practicing and tutoring. The vice-president will speak about this issue 10. OTHER BUSINESS 11. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING 11.1The next General Meeting of the Society will be held in April 2018 12. CLOSE OF MEETING With no other business to be attended to the Chair declared the meeting closed around 9pm.