Annual General Meeting (2)

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Club : Book Society
DATE: 11 Apr 2018
TIME: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location : Holme Meeting Room 2

1. OPENING AND WELCOME i. Appointment of Chair 2. APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE i. Erika Salmon, Treasurer 3. ANNUAL REPORTS i. President and Vice-President’s Report ii. Secretary’s Report iii. Treasurer’s Report iv. Publicity Officer’s Report 4. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS i. Review of changes (to clauses 5.6-5.11) Please see here for the changes in further detail: (copies to be handed out) ii. Vote on changes iii. Counting of votes iv. Announcement of results 5. ELECTION OF THE EXECUTIVES i. Appointment of Returning Officer ii. Nominations will be considered and voted on for the following positions: 1. President 2. Vice President 3. Secretary 4. Treasurer 5. Publicity Officer 6. Sponsorship Officer 7. Newsletter Editor 8. Visual Officer 9. Women’s Officer 10. Queer Officer 11. Two General Executive Officer(s) iii. Counting of votes iv. Announcement of results 6. GENERAL BUSINESS i. New member registration ii. Announcement of future events iii. Signing of new Constitution by President and Secretary 7. CLOSE OF MEETING