Forum: Is Democracy Possible Under Capitalism?

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Club : Socialist Alternative Club
DATE: 24 May 2017
TIME: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location : pin Room 344, New Law Annex, Sydney Uni

Capitalism's fundumental principles are presented as democracy and freedom. Elections once every few years are a democratic high point where we get to have our say through the ballot box. A cursory glance at the state of society tells a different story. Take the recent US elections. The choice was between Trump - a racist, misogynistic billionaire who has made a living kicking people out of their homes to build high-rises - and Clinton - a multi-millionaire who has built a career advocating for big business and cheerleading wars across the planet. All to the backdrop of growing inequality and increasing state violence. In Australia, the choice is not much better - we’ve had five prime ministers in five years, each more right-wing than the last - determined to cut health, education and welfare, lock up refugees and deny the most basic rights like same-sex marriage. All of this occurs against the interests and the will of the majority. Why is our society like this? And how can we win real democracy? Come along to our free talk and discussion to find out. Contact Eleanor on 0448 029 165 for more info.