General Meeting VetSoc

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Semester 2

Club : Veterinary Society
DATE: 2 Nov 2018
TIME: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location : VSCC Lecture Theatre (Wallace)

The VetSoc constitution states that the committee must hold at least 1 GM a semester, which presents a great opportunity for everyone new to their positions to get the ball rolling as we move into 2019. Meeting minutes and attendance will be taken as a requirement of said constitution.
Meeting Agenda:

  • Meet the new committee
  • Constitutional amendments and faculty changes
  • Begin preparations and outlines for future events:
    • 2x Alumnae meetings per semester
    • Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
    • Northcott Pet Day
    • Beers Pies and Bull
    • Vet Cruise
    • Charity Night
    • Vetball
    • Halfway Dinner
    • Scrub Crawl (that evening)
  • Queries, concerns, suggestions