Admission Price
Club : HealthSoc
DATE: 31 Mar 2017
TIME: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location : Isabel Fidler Room, Level 2 Manning House

AGM Agenda  

1.   Opening and welcome, appointing of returning officer. 

2. Apologies and leaves of absence

3.      Minutes of the previous meeting

4.      Business arising from the minutes

5.      Correspondence

6.      Motions on notice
- Change membership fee from $2 to $0 (FREE)

7.      Annual reports

-          President

-          Treasurer

-          Secretary

-          Other Executive Members

8.    Nomination will be considered and voted on for the following positions: President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Nominations to be sent to Society email with nomination, profile for nomination and previous leadership experience. Nominees will be seconded, if seconded then nominees must present themselves to members as to why they believe they are eligible for positions. 

9.      General business