Politics Society AGM

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Club : Politics Society
DATE: 2 Oct 2018
TIME: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location : Manning Meeting Room 1

University of Sydney Politics Society Annual General Meeting Agenda 2018 1. Opening and welcome 2. Apologies and leaves of absence 3. Minutes of the previous meeting 4. Business arising from the minutes 5. Correspondence 6. Motions on notice 7. Annual Reports 7.1 President 7.2 Treasurer 7.3 Secretary 7.4 Other Executive Members 10. Election of a returning officer to oversee election 9. Election of the Executive The Positions: President Vice-President x 2 (one VP must be a wom*n if the president doesn't identify as such) Secretary Treasurer Sponsorship Officer Publicity Officer Events Coordinator For further information on any of the roles, please contact the current executive by messaging our facebook page. Annual General Meeting Rules: 1. Nominations are due 24 hours before the meeting starts. 2. Applying for membership ends 24 hours before the meeting starts. Once a member you have full voting rights. 3. If you are a member and wish to nominate, email supoliticssociety@gmail.com with your name, degree, what position you are applying for (can be more than one), and why you wish to run for this position. The only exception is that nominations for President and Secretary can only come from members who have served on the most recent executive. 4. If you are not a member and wish to nominate, please follow step 3 and also clearly indicate that you are not a member but wish to become one. Please include your Student ID and ACCESS number. 5. Strictly no stacking. We will find out and the election will not proceed. 10. General business