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Electing the 2017-18 Executive

Club : Shades
DATE: 10 Aug 2017
TIME: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location : Reading Room Holme Building

AGENDA OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF SYDNEY UNIVERSITY SHADES Held at 5pm on Thursday 10 August 2017 in Holme Building (room to be advised)

1. Opening and Acknowledgement of Country

2. Apologies and Leaves of Absence

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting and Business Arising

4. Annual Reports 4a. President 4b. Treasurer 5. Election of Executives 5a. Appointment of Returning Officer 5b. Election of a President 5c. Election of a Vice-President 5d. Election of a Treasurer 5e. Election of a Secretary 5f. Election of up General Executives

6. General Business

7. Date of the Next Meeting

8. Close of Meeting