Club : International Youth Fellowship Society
DATE: 25 Oct 2018
TIME: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location : Common Room, Holme Building

All IYF members are invited to celebrate the achievements of the IYF Society of 2017. Come for an update of our annual activity by our president, and hear from the IYF volunteer members directly about their experience. There will also be election of the Executives. Agenda as follows: 1. Opening & Welcome by President 2. Apologies and leaves of absence 3. Minutes of previous meeting & business (action items) arising from the minutes 4. IYF overseas volunteer presentation 5. Annual Report by President 6. Election of Executives 6.1 Appointment of Returning Officer 6.2 Nominations will be considered and voted on for the following positions: President, Secretary and Treasurer 6.3 Nominations can be received prior by email ( or on the day in person before the elections 7. General Business 8. Closing by outgoing president and message by new executives 9. Date of next meeting. 10. Close of meeting