SUAMS Annual General Meeting 2018

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Club : Association of Malaysian Students
DATE: 21 Sep 2018
TIME: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location : New Law LT 104

AGENDA OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF SYDNEY UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION MALAYSIAN STUDENTS (SUAMS) TO BE HELD AT 5:30pm – 9pm ON 21st September 2018 AGENDA EXECUTIVE ATTENDANCE: President: Wei-Jia Teh Vice President: Jia Wen Goh Treasurer: Cheyenne Chng Secretary: Nicholas Lee Tze Kang Social Director : Hooi Yee Er Social Director : Li Ping Siow Sports Director : Shanon Lee Sports Director : Luqman Hakim Cultural Director: Ching Chee Law Cultural Director: Si Wei Sam Public Relations Director: Samantha Chew Student Welfare Officer: Angela Chai Publications Director: Cheryl Yeap Creative Director: Yvonne Wann Yean Chua IT Director: Ken Ren Voon OPENING AND WELCOME To nominate Wei-Jia Teh, the outgoing President of the Sydney University Association of Malaysian Students (hereby known as SUAMS), to chair the event. APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes of the meeting (Previous meeting date) will be considered. BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES CORRESPONDENCE Incoming and outgoing correspondence since the previous meeting of the Society will be circulated. MOTIONS ON NOTICE Annual Reports President Treasurer Secretary Other Executive Members ELECTION OF THE EXECUTIVES Election to fill the positions of all committee members, currently vacant. The candidates for election for election for the Committee shall be nominated at the AGM. Only Ordinary Members, and Honorary Members who would otherwise be eligible for Ordinary Membership, shall be eligible to be candidates for election or to vote in the annual elections. Nominations open on 9th September, and closes at 12 pm, 21st September 2018. Voting will be by secret ballot, and be Single Transferable Vote. Positions open to election are as follows: 8.1 President 8.2 Vice-President 8.3 Treasurer 8.4 Secretary 8.5 Social Director (x2) 8.6 Sports Director (x2) 8.7 Cultural Director (x2) 8.8 Public Relations Director 8.9 Student Welfare Director 8.10 Publication Director 8.11 Creative Director 8.12 IT Director GENERAL BUSINESS OTHER BUSINESS DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING Date: 2nd October 2018 Venue: To be announced CLOSE OF MEETING With no other business to be attended to the Chair declared the meeting closed at (time of close of meeting).