Club : Dramatic Society
DATE: 30 Oct 2017
TIME: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location : Common Room

Agenda of the General Meeting of Sydney University Dramatic Society To be held at 5:00pm on Monday 30th of October at the Common Room, Holme Building Executive: President- Keshini de Mel Vice President- Jess Zlotnick Treasurer- Jane Hughes Secretary- Madeleine Gandhi Publicity officers- Caitlin Williams & Perri Roach Social Secretaries-Caitlyn Sinclair & Helena Parker Cellar officers- Hannah Crane & Max Melzer Archivist- Tavis Cunninham Chair- Sarah Graham OPENING AND WELCOME Acknowledgement of Country APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE N/A MINUTES FROM THE PREVIOUS MEETING & BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES - ANNUAL REPORTS President shall present her report orally Treasurer shall present her report orally Secretary shall present her report orally ELECTION OF EXECUTIVES President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Publicity Officer x2 Social secretary x2 Cellar Officer x2 Archivist Two returning officers to be elected. Elections to be held via preferential voting (i.e. in the absence of an absolute majority, the preferences of the bottom candidate will flow until a clear majority emerges). Yes, no, abstention options. GENERAL BUSINESS - DATE OF NEXT MEETING Next meeting to occur over summer at a date decided by the new executive. Close of Meeting.