Society for Creative Anachronism AGM

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Club : Society for Creative Anachronism [SCA Medieval Society]
DATE: 25 Sep 2018
TIME: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location : Holme Building Meeting Room 2

AGENDA OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY SOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHRONISM TO BE HELD AT 5:00pm 25th OF SEPTEMBER AT HOLME BUILDING MEETING ROOM 2 1. OPENING AND WELCOME 2. APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE 3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING & BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES 4. ANNUAL REPORTS 5. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS N/A 6. ELECTION OF EXECUTIVES Appointment of Returning Officer Nominations will be considered and voted on for the following positions: i) A President (also known as the Seneschal) ii) 3 Vice Presidents (also known as a Marshal, an Arts & Sciences Officer and a Herald) iii) A Secretary iv) A Treasurer (also known as a Reeve) v) An Orientation Officer (also known as an Acquisitor) vii) and up to a further six Executive Members (who may be known as a Constable, a Chirugeon, a Captain of Archers, a Master of Fence, a Chronicler or a Webminister) Nominations shall be open upon the publishing of this document to an officially recognised site of publication as designated by the USU, with additional direct notice being supplied to members through email notification via the membership mailing list, as well as a clarification of processes at society events prior to the meeting, upon request. Nominations shall be supplied to the current society secretary by email response or by other direct communication with nominations closing directly prior to the commencement of the AGM. Final nominees will be announced upon the commencement of the election for the relevant position. (Excerpt of the constitution of the University of Sydney Society for Creative Anachronism, point 9 covering the nomination and election process of the society) ELECTIONS 9.1 The Executive shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in the month of September each year. 9.2 Only Ordinary Members, and Honorary Members who would otherwise be eligible for Ordinary Membership, shall be eligible to be candidates for election or to vote in the election. 9.3 The term of the Executive shall commence immediately following the close of the Annual Election Meeting and conclude at the close of the Annual Election Meeting in the following year. 9.4 The Secretary shall give at least fourteen (14) clear days notice of the time and place of the annual elections in one of the recognised publications of The University of Sydney Union and, if possible, the Society notice board and, if possible, by a mail-out to all Members. (A mail-out is understood to include communication by e-mail.). The notice shall state: i) The day on which nominations open, which day shall be at least fourteen (14) clear days before the day of the elections; ii) The day and time on which nominations close, which shall be no later than the time of the meeting at which the elections are to occur; iii) The time, date and venue of the election; iv) That only Ordinary Members, and Honorary Members who would otherwise be eligible for Ordinary Membership, shall be eligible to be candidates for election or to vote. 9.5 In order to stand for election, nominees must accept nomination. 9.6 Before an election the Executive shall nominate a suitable person, not being a candidate for election, to act as Returning Officer. The Returning Officer shall be charged with the conduct of the election, and may appoint suitable persons, not being candidates for election, as Deputy Returning Officers. 9.7 The Clubs & Societies Manager shall serve as Electoral Arbiter and shall receive any appeals against the decisions of the Returning Officer. 9.8 Voting shall be by secret ballot, and shall be First Past the Post. 9.9 The General Body of the Society may, in a General Meeting, elect any Ordinary Member of the Society to fill any casual vacancy that may occur in the Executive. (A casual vacancy occurs when an Executive Member is dismissed from the Executive or resigns before the term of office has expired.) 7. GENERAL BUSINESS 8. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING 9. CLOSE OF MEETING