USYD Astro-nuts IGM

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Club : IGM Other Club
DATE: 19 May 2017
TIME: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location : Manning meeting room 1

USYD ASTRO-NUTS INNAUGURAL GENERAL MEETING AGENDA Date : 12/05/2017 Time : 14:00 - 15:59 Venue : Manning Meeting Room 1 (level 1) Conditions of Meeting : 20 ordinary members arrive within 30 minutes of stipulated time Agenda : Meeting Open 1. Welcome by the Chair 2. apologies and leaves of absence 3. minutes of the previous meeting & business arising from the minutes 4. Adoption of The Constitution: The constitution will be read out by the Chair and an open discussion will commence thereafter. Motions for amendments will be heard and voted upon. Final motion to adopt the constitution. Amendments to be made: Selection of the month of AGM for the future years, Adjusting the executive positions available to President, Secretary, Events coordinator and Treasurer. 5. Election of The Executives: Explanation of the election procedure to all members by the returning officer. Accept nominations, seconds and any dissents. Chair is transferred to the president-elect and the secretary-elect does the minute taking. Returning officer: Alison Eslake Positions to be elected at the meeting: President, Secretary, Events Coordinator, Treasurer 6. Open Discussion of Plan of Action The executives will discuss their plan of action for the semester such as events, budgeting, take suggestions from the members and address any concerns. 7. Date of the next meeting – 26th May 2017 8. Meeting Close