Admission Price
DATE: 31 Aug 2016
TIME: 5:00 pm - 5:15 pm
Location : PNR

AGENDA OF A GENERAL MEETING OF Wine Society TO BE HELD AT 5pm ON August 31st 2016 IN THE PNR Learning Hub. AGENDA EXECUTIVE ATTENDANCE: Sam Higgs(President), Edwin Ho(Vice-President), Clare Woods(Treasurer), Jack Atkinson(Secretary), Orson Zuanic (COO), Michael Man(GE), Marco Sposari(GE), Daniel Dilley (CellarMaster) OPENING AND WELCOME APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE ELECTIONS OF EXECUTIVES, General Executive, Education Officer,  Designer (unconfirmed), Resignation of Treasurer Vote in new Treasurer GENERAL BUSINESS Upcoming events Fundraising Event Management and Roles Sponsorship OTHER BUSINESS DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING TBA CLOSE OF MEETING