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The University of Sydney Quidditch Club

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Membership Fees: $5
Club Contact Details:
Ajantha Abey (President, Coach)

Whether you've memorised the Harry Potter books from end to end, or have no idea who this Potter kid is but just want to try out a new and cool sport, this is the society for you. Quidditch is a fast paced, tactical, all-inclusive, mixed-gender, full contact sport, that's played all around Australia and around the world. We are Sydney University's own quidditch club, we currently field two teams, the Unspeakables and the Unbreakables, in the NSW State League, and in the Australian National Championship, among other tournaments. We are the largest quidditch club in Australia, and last year the Unspeakables finished the season as state champions! We train 2-3 times a week in Victoria Park. Anyone is free to come along and try at any time, and we welcome all abilities, all genders, and all experience levels. In addition to playing the sport, we also run a variety of fandom and non-fandom related events throughout the year, including HP trivia, movie nights, Hogsmeade visits (pub crawls), Horcrux (scavenger) hunts, and more! To answer your first few questions - no we don't really fly, and the snitch is a person. Want to find out more? Check us out on Facebook and Youtube, and whether you're a natural Victor Krum, or Neville spiralling out of control on his broom, come along and have a go :)