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Membership Fees: $5
Club Contact Details:
Natalie Astalosh - President

Whether you're a natural Victor Krum, or more like a Neville Longbottom spiralling backwards on his broom, the Sydney University Quidditch Society is your place for all things quidditch and Harry Potter related.

SUQS for short (yeah, we know) offers students opportunities to train and play muggle quidditch, as well as get to know like-minded students over casual drinks, events and viewings. Our competition team, the Unspeakables, competes against other University and Community teams at tournaments once a month, and placed third in Australia in 2015. We train twice a week: new members and players are always welcome to show up and have a go! We'll teach you which end of the broom goes where, why we're always blabbing about bludger control and how to catch your first snitch. Our current training sessions are Thursday 3pm-5pm and Friday 2pm-4pm in Victoria Park (behind the Carslaw Building).

Message us on Facebook, send an email, chat to an exec or just turn up at one of our events to join in!