White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Propaganda Found on Sydney University Campus

Date : 20 Apr 2017 05:55 PM
  • Eden Faithfull
Content Warning: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia
Stickers emblazoned with swastikas have been found throughout the University of Sydney grounds, calling into the question an atmosphere of growing antisemitism on campus.
Michael Rees, President of the University of Sydney Union, informed Pulp that he encountered several of the stickers this morning.
“As I was trying to remove it, another student approached me who saw more of the same stickers in the same area of campus (near the graffiti tunnel and down the stairs towards Manning House).”

“I called campus security and they said that they would send someone to remove them immediately. They have been pretty quick in doing this in the past with Islamophobic graffiti and I hope that they were as quick in this instance.”
The stickers also feature the words ‘Antipodean Resistance’, the name of an Australian white-supremacist neo-Nazi group. Their edicts are made clear on their website:
“We accept no degeneracy within our ranks. Being White is not enough. Every member of Antipodean Resistance must dedicate himself to a higher standard of behaviour. We oppose substance abuse, homosexuality, and all other rotten, irresponsible distractions laid before us by Jews and globalist elites.

Pulp contacted the Australasian Union of Jewish Students at Sydney University (AUJS) for comment regarding Antipodean Resistance’s anti-Semitic stickers.
“The swastika symbols found around the Sydney University campus today has been met with great sadness and anger by the members of AUJS and the community it represents. The publicising of a symbol that represents such a dark period in Jewish history is offensive to the memory of the six million individuals who perished at the hands of the Nazis,” they said.
“It is disturbing that Jewish students, many of whom are decedents of Holocaust victims and survivors, are subjected to this explicit exhibit of antisemitism. AUJS hopes that the university community will stand together in promoting a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment for all students.”
Members of the USU Interfaith Council also commented on the propaganda, condemning the use of the swastika symbol and those who support the ideology that it represents.
“The members of the USU Interfaith Council condemn the intolerance of this symbol and those who support the ideology that it represents. We stand with Jewish students, many of whom are descendants or connected to victims and survivors of the Holocaust and the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. We also stand with other groups at the University who are targeted by this symbol of hate and persecution,” they said.
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  • Avraham Goldberg-Silverstein
    I was out last night and I saw these evil Nazis putting up their stickers. I tried to tell them to stop what they were doing and to think about the six million, but all they did was was relentlessly mock and throw small change at me until I couldn't take it anymore and I had to run home in tears. My friend Levi said he saw them in Melbourne too and they told him their poster glue was made from dead Jews. I know it sounds crazy, but I've heard Antipodean Resistance has at least one mobile gas chamber and they drive around college campuses at night gassing homosexuals and non-whites on the SPOT. So keep a good eye out and stay safe

  • Transboi
    I lost a relation on Lancasters in 1945 and another on board HMAS Sydney in 1941. This type of thing in my eyes is unforgivable and should not be tolerated, nor seen as acceptable.

  • me
    good thing that it isn't illegal to have anti-Semitic views in Australia. so these stickers are promoting a political movement, which the university allows. it would be a shame if the university started being fascist against opposing political beliefs...