Start a club

Please note that New Club Applications are currently closed until 2018

How to start a new club 

If you can’t find a club or society that suits your interests, why not start your own? All you need is an unique idea and 20 friends with ACCESS Memberships.
If you want to start a club, following these steps;

Step 1: Research & Prep

Does my club idea already exist? Check out the full list of USU Clubs & Societies here. If there is any doubt over whether your club idea overlaps with an existing club, you should reach out to them. 
How unique are my club’s aims? When thinking about your club’s proposed aims it’s better to be specific about what it is you’ll be focusing on and doing, rather than broader aims about student life.
Step 2: Write a constitution
You will need to download a copy of the C&S Model Constitution. The wording must not be changed or removed unless a section asks you to amend it. You may add clauses providing they are democratic and adhere to USU and the University of Sydney guidelines and policies. 

Make your club's aims as clear and as specific as you can. 
Step 3: Find 20 Ordinary Members
Having 20 Ordinary Members demonstrates that there is demand for your club within the University of Sydney community. For the most part, an Ordinary Member is a student, graduate or staff member of the University of Sydney who holds a current ACCESS card.

Do not accept membership fees at this stage as they are only prospective members.

  • Ordinary Members are those that are University of Sydney enrolled students or staff members or Alumni that have purchased USU membership and received an Access card.
  • Associate Members are those not listed above but have purchased an Access card.

Step 4: Apply!
Apply here and your application will be reviewed by a panel of students and USU staff. You will be contacted via email regarding the outcome. If your club is accepted, the next step will be to organise an AGM with the help of our staff.

Please note that New Club Applications are currently closed until 2018

New Club applications are due by 5:00pm on the following dates to be considered by the New Club panel.

  • Thursday 29th March 2018
  • Thursday 19th April 2018
  • Thursday 24th May 2018

Proposed clubs will be required to meet the following criteria:
1. Will substantially contribute to the Objects of the Program
2. Will uphold the Principles of the Program
3. Is substantially different from existing clubs in the Program based on its aims, activities, and membership base
4. Will function primarily as an on-campus community
5. Is not controlled or substantially influenced by external organisations

Clubs and Societies Office
University of Sydney Union, Student Programs
T: (02) 9563 6118