Goodbye Plastic Straws

Plastic straws suck. That’s why we’ve listened to our students and are now changing our ways by removing all plastic straws from our outlets and bars. 

USYD students not only care about their own futures but the future of this planet. Plastic straws never break down completely and are contributing to an alarming amount of waste worldwide. It only takes one more in your drink to keep the damaging cycle going.

In 2017 alone we used over 120,000 plastic straws in our cafes, bars and outlets on campus. The numbers really add up so that’s why we’ve joined 'The Last Straw’ movement, because seriously plastic straws suck.

The USU aims to create a campus that is innovative, safe and sustainable for future generations of
students so we thought it’s about time to take better care and say goodbye to plastic straws for good.

If you do need a straw for your drink there are biodegradable straws available upon request at all USU outlets.

Check out the for more information on the campaign to ditch plastic straws.