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Club : Australia-Chinese Cultural Appreciation Society
DATE: 15 Sep 2017
TIME: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location : Reading Room, Holme Building

AGENDA OF A GENERAL MEETING OF THE AUSTRALIAN-CHINESE CULTURAL APPRECIATION SOCIETY (ACCAS) TO BE HELD AT 3:00PM-5:00PM ON FRIDAY 15th SEPTEMBER 2017 IN THE READING ROOM, HOLME BUILDING AGENDA EXECUTIVE: Lokgei Lee, President Winson Su, Vice-President (Events) Eatrand Wang, Vice-President (Marketing) Terry Yuan Xin, Treasurer June Ho, Secretary Samantha Ng, Finance Executive Amanda Chiam, Administrative Executive Lawrence Fang, Events Team Leader Sue Chen, Events Executive Alice Tam, Events Executive Alick Song, Events Executive William Wei, Events Executive Fernando Yip, Events Executive Andy Chen, Marketing Team Leader Evan Guan, Marketing Executive Suzanna Liu, Marketing Executive Yingjie (Jay) Tang, Marketing Executive Anlai Wei, Marketing Executive Zefeng (James) Yu, Marketing Executive Ying Wang, General Executive Liam Yue, General Executive 1. OPENING AND WELCOME 2. APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE 3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes of the meeting held 31 March 2017 will be considered. 4. BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES 5. CORRESPONDENCE Incoming and outgoing correspondence since the previous meeting of the Society will be circulated. 6. MOTIONS ON NOTICE Resignation of Executives: 6.1 Winson Su, Vice-President (Events) 6.2 June Ho, Secretary 6.3 Samantha Ng, Finance Executive 6.4 Amanda Chiam, Administration Executive 6.5 Fernando Yip, Events Executive 7. REPORTS OF EXECUTIVE MEMBERS 7.1 Report of the President. 7.2 Report of the Treasurer. 8. ELECTION OF THE EXECUTIVES Election of Executives: 8.1 Vice-President (Events) 8.2 Secretary 8.3 Finance Executive 8.4 Administrative Executive 8.5 Events Executive Nominate via email to Nominations will close at the commencement of the GM. 9. GENERAL BUSINESS 10. OTHER BUSINESS 11. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING The next General Meeting of the Society will be held at 3:00pm on Thursday 30 August 2018 in the Reading Room, Holme Building. 12. CLOSE OF MEETING