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Hosted by Greens on Campus

Club : Greens on Campus
DATE: 4 Oct 2017
TIME: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location : Manning Meeting Room 1

Discussion of coming year's agenda. Election of some exec positions including Events Coordinator, Queer officer, IT officer. We would like some feedback and suggestions from our members. NOTICE is hereby given of the Special General Meeting of the Members of Sydney University Greens on Campus Society to be held on Wednesday 20th of September 5pm at Manning Bar. The agenda of the meeting shall be as follows: 1. OPENING AND WELCOME 2. APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE 3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING 
Minutes of the meeting held in 23rd August 2017 will be considered. 4. BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES 5. CORRESPONDENCE 
Incoming and outgoing correspondence since the previous meeting of the Society will be circulated. 6. REPORTS OF EXECUTIVE MEMBERS 6.1 Report of the Co-Convenors. The Co-Convenors will deliver their report orally. 6.2 Report of the Treasurer. The Treasurer will deliver his report orally. 6.3 Report of the Secretary. The Secretary will deliver his report orally. 7. OTHER REPORTS 8. ELECTIONS OF EXECUTIVES. 8.1 Election of an Events Coordinator 8.2 Election of Publicity/IT Director 8.3 Election of Queer officer 8.3 Election of General Executive(s) 9. GENERAL BUSINESS. Members are encouraged to approach the meeting with concerns, ideas and other general proposals. 9.1 Planning of events for the upcoming year, including activist rallies, greens politician seminar on campus, BBQs. 10. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING. The date of the next meeting will be discussed and decided at this meeting.