VetSoc General Meeting

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Club : Veterinary Society
DATE: 14 Oct 2016
TIME: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location : Veterinary Science Conference Centre Board Room 201

  MINUTES OF A GENERAL MEETING OF THE VETERINARY SOCIETY (VETSOC) TO BE HELD AT 1:00PM ON FRIDAY 14th OCTOBER 2016 IN BOARD ROOM 201 OF THE VETERINARY CONFERENCE CENTRE AGENDA EXECUTIVE: Robert Hayward, President Zinzi Osborn, Secretary, Chair Loïc Leray, Vice President Elizabeth Parsons, Vice President Aimee MacDonald, Treasurer Ann-Michèle Rheault, Vice-Treasurer Sam Carwardine, AVBS Representative Daniel Kirk, AVBS Representative Chelsi Kuebler, Keg Representative Conor Davis, Keg Representative Anna Sundqvist Aune, Keg Representative Estii Martinez, Keg Representative Micki Bache, Keg Representative Molly Greentree, Keg Representative 1. OPENING AND WELCOME 2. APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE 3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes from the AGM, held 7th September 2016, will be considered. 4. BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE PREVIOUS MEETING’S MINUTES 5. CORRESPONDENCE Incoming and outgoing correspondence since the previous meeting will be circulated. 6. REPORTS OF EXECUTIVE MEMBERS 5.1 Report of the President The President will deliver his report orally. 5.2 Report of the Treasurer The Treasurer will deliver her report orally. 7. OTHER REPORTS 8. GENERAL BUSINESS 8.1 End of 2nd Semester Scrub-Crawl President and/or appointed Keg Rep. will speak to this issue. 8.2 SOLE O-Week President will introduce this. 8.3 Start of 1st Semester Keg 2017 President and/or appointed Keg Rep. will speak to this issue. 9. OTHER BUSINESS 9.1 Alternative event options Chair will speak to this issue. 10. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING The next General Meeting of the Society will be held: Next semester, during either March or April. 11. CLOSE OF MEETING