Resistance Club's Green Left Weekly Reading Circle

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Gramsci's Revolutionary Ideas

Club : Resistance Club
DATE: 25 Oct 2018
TIME: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Location : Piano Room- Bernard Eldershaw (Level 3, Manning House)

Are you interested in socialist ideas? Do you consider yourself a communist? Do you find the works of communist authors incredibly insightful and accurate?
Then come along to our reading group on Antonio Gramsci! Gramsci was the founder of the Italian Communist party, and developed the famous and persuasive idea of capitalist ''cultural hegemony''. Gramsci explains that the richest 1% in our society don't just rule over the world with coercion and force, they also seem to manufacture consent for their crimes.
Gramsci says that through special institutions like schools and uni, prisons, work culture, and mass media, capitalism develops the illusion that capitalism is natural, unchangeable, and unable to be defeated.
But Gramsci reveals how the illusory ''ideology'' that capitalism spreads can be undone!
Are you free on Thursday at 5pm?
Come along to our reading group!
The reading is: /Gramsci and Hegemony/ by _Trent Brown_: