Resistance Club's Green Left Weekly Reading Circle

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The One Hundredth Anniversary of the Russian Revolution was last year.

Club : Resistance Club
DATE: 16 Oct 2018
TIME: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Location : Piano Room- Bernard Eldershaw (Level 3, Manning House)

The "October Revolution" was the first successful socialist revolution in world history. The long build up to the October Revolution, starting in 1905, all the way up to the successful day in 1917, never fails to inform and inspire radical left politics today.
Right up until 1923, Soviet Russia was a healthy socialist revolutionary organism. The revolution championed women's rights, gay people's rights, and all because of the power of worker's control of the means of production.
So what was the Russian Revolution, anyway, if it was so progressive and liberatory? why did stalinism's anti-democratic beuracrats take hold?
Well come along to our reading group!
This is our reading, /The Russian Revolutions of 1917/, by _Paul Le Blanc_: