Womn's Revue AGM - add info requested

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Club : Wom*n's Revue Society
DATE: 16 Oct 2018
TIME: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Location : Gladys Marks Room

The time has come to vote in the Womn's Revue Society EXEC + PROD team for 2019!!!!! Can I get a woohoo!??! WHO CAN COME AND VOTE? Anyone with an access card! WHY SHOULD YOU COME AND VOTE? It's important to have your say! Support your friends who are running!!!!! Democracy! Help choose the next gen of killer execs! Here is the Agenda: 1. Opening and Welcome 2. Apologies and leaves of absence 3. Minutes from the Previous Meeting 4. Annual Reports 5. Elective of Executive Positions: i. President ii. Vice-President iii. Treasurer iv. Secretary 6. Elective of Production Positions: i. Director/s ii. Producer/s 7. General Business 8. Close of Meeting NB: This is not an autonomous event. You do not have to be a wom*n or have had lived experience as a wom*n to join in on the voting fun! SEE YOU THERE!!!!!

Nominations: An access member can nominate themselves or another person for any role. This needs to be seconded by another member. Applicants should come prepared to the AGM with a 3-minute pitch explaining why they'd be good for the role. 
If only one person or team pitches for any one role, there will be a vote of confidence. 
If more than one person or team pitches for any one role, a preferential vote will take place