Every year students team-up with their peers and put on a performance extravaganza of theatre, comedy, music and (occasionally) a cheeky bit of nudity. Gasp, laugh and revel at a showcase of student comedy that’s not afraid to bare all!

USU’s Revue season is the largest in Australia and past participants have gone on to perform, write or produce shows in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the New York Fringe Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, in groups such as The Chaser, The Aunty Jack Show and the Cloud Girls on Triple J.

Join our one of our Revue societies by contacting them below! Remember you have to have ACCESS to join. The Identity Revue season is almost here so make sure you have your tickets

                   The Arts Revue                                                                 

                   Commerce Revue


      Education and Social Work Revue                                                                              


                   Engineering Revue

                   Jewish Revue                                                        
                    Law Revue 

                  Medical Revue                                                

               People of Colour Revue

                  Queer Revue                                                            

                  Science Revue 

                     Vet Revue                                                    

                    Wom*n's Revue