Student Board Elections

About the Board and Election
The Board of Directors is composed of 14 Directors, including 11 Directors elected at the Annual Elections each year, two Senate-appointed Directors and the Immediate Past President. The Board is responsible for the operational and strategic business of the USU. In May each year, the USU holds its Annual Elections to elect new Directors.

If you want to nominate, run for Board or vote, join the USU.

The USU is looking for five enthusiastic students who are passionate about contributing to the best university experience to serve as Board Directors for two years. As a Board Director, you will get to have your voice heard and directly vote on the future direction of the USU. Now is the chance to nominate yourself to run for election to be a Board Director.
  1. Read the Constitution, Regulations and Candidate Handbook.
  2. Complete the nomination form online at, including submitting a photograph, policy statement and list of positions held at the University and clubs and societies.
  3. Be nominated by two members of the USU on the nomination form.
  4. Sign a statutory declaration before a witness.
  5. Scan the signed statutory declaration, student ID card and screenshot of USU membership to
  6. Mail the signed statutory declaration to Alexis Roitman, Level 5, Holme Building, Science Road, The University of Sydney NSW 2006.

Find out more about the USU, the Board and the election process at the Election Information Session on Friday 3 April 2020 at 1:00pm on Zoom. The USU also provides a Women’s Mentoring Session on Friday 3 April at 1:30pm on Zoom for female students interested in serving as Board Directors.
The Chief Executive Officer has issued the Notice of Elections.
Important Dates for the Election
The CEO and Board has determined the following dates for the 2020 Annual Elections:
 Date and Time  Event   Location
 Monday 30th March 2020,
 Nominations Open  Online
 Friday 3rd April 2020, 1:00pm  Election Information Session  Online via Zoom
 Friday 3rd April 2020, 1:30pm  Women’s Mentoring Session  Online via Zoom
 Thursday 9th April 2020, 2:00pm  Board Nominations Close  Online
 Tuesday 21st April 2020,12:00pm  Compulsory Candidate Ethics Training  Online via Zoom
 Wednesday 6th May 2020,   12:01am  Campaigning may begin  TBC
 TBC  Election Soapbox (Details to be confirmed at   the Compulsory Candidate Ethics Session)  TBC
Friday 15th May 2020, 5:00pm Close of Electoral Roll Become a USU Member online here for free by the close of the Roll. 
 Monday 18th May 2020, 9:00am  Voting opens   Online
 Friday 22nd May 2020, 5:00pm  Voting closes  Online
 Thursday 4th June 2020,   6:00pm  Special Meeting of the Incoming Board  The Refectory, Holme   Building

For more information
Candidate Handbook
Electoral staff
Electoral Officer (for general enquiries, administration and questions)
Samantha Trodden
Returning Officer (for complaints and issues under the Regulations)
James Hoare
Electoral Arbiter (for final appeals)
His Honour Magistrate Theo Tsavdaridis
Contact via CEO Alexis Roitman