Calling All Seinfeld Fans – Muffin Tops Are On The Menu

Date : 30 Jun 2018 11:53 AM
  • Bianca Farmakis – Editor
So, this week McDonald’s announced ‘muffin toppers’ were joining the breakfast menu, after twenty-one years of Seinfeld fans pushing to make the delectable treat available in fast-food form. 

source: @jeffndrums

For any non-Seinfeld fans out there, this was inspired by the episode where Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) goes into business selling solely the tops of muffins, arguably the best part.

source: NBC

“It’s crunchy, it’s explosive, it’s where the muffin breaks free of the pan and does it’s own thing,” — Elaine
More like definitely the best part. The only part of the muffin you really want to eat.
Anyway, McDonald’s decided to make the option available on their (US only) breakfast menu, and while fans lost their shit on Twitter…


…some bad news arose.

Spike Feresten who wrote the original episode in 1997, has felt a bit like the stump in the muffin top conundrum – tossed away, reaping no benefits, and utterly disregarded.

Naturally, he wants to make money off of his original idea, feeling entitled to grease his pockets like a buttered up muffin tray (sorry, all the good puns were taken).


“What I thought about was the money. The money I'm going to make from this multinational corporation. That's what I thought about,” Feresten said in a direct address to McDonald’s, aired on TMZ.

It remains unclear whether he’s going to follow through and sue or not, but to anyone who elected to go to UCLA for the summer, or ditched Europe for the USA, please (please?!), get a muffin top while you can, and let us know how it is.


McDonald’s decision to introduce the muffin top to their breakfast offering comes in response to a decline in sales for the early morning menu options over the years. Influxes in millennial brunches and vegan yoga queens has been a major catalyst in the decreasing revenue for the fast-food, family-oriented company. The decision to expand the menu option follows suit of additional changes to the breakfast menu, such as the introduction of 24/7 availability and ‘loose change’ mid-morning menus.

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