Club : Conservative Club
DATE: 25 Sep 2019
TIME: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Location : Holme Meeting Room 1

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting for 2019.
Please find the agenda here:

The AGM is to be held on Wednesday 25th September at 5:30pm-6:30pm in Holme Meeting Room 1. Nominations for executive positions are open. Please send in nominations to Nominations will close at 5:30pm Wednesday 18th September.

As per section 9.2 of the constitution
Only Ordinary Members and Honorary Members, who would otherwise be eligible for Ordinary Membership, shall be eligible to be candidates for election or to vote with the exception for the position of President.

Candidates for the office of President must have served on the club executive in the previous year for the minimum of nine (9) months.  

As per section 9.4 (IV) of the constitution Ordinary members shall only be entitled to a vote at an Annual General Meeting if they have attended at least the lesser of three (3) ordinary or general meetings, or all meetings, in a calendar year. However, this clause does not apply to honorary members of the club.