Club : Agricultural Society
DATE: 24 Oct 2019
TIME: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Location : Isabel Fidler Room

GENDA OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF The University of Sydney Agricultural Society
TO BE HELD AT 5:30pm on the 24th October 2019 AT Isabel Fidler Room (Manning House)

  1. Openings and welcome
  2. Apologies and leave of absences
  3. Brief introduction
  4. Social review of the year -Secretary Matthew Nevison, President Mikaela Tilse
  5. Treasurers report -Treasurer Abby Hill
  6. Election of executives
    1. Appointment of returning officer
    2. Voting for position of President
    3. Voting for position of Secretary
    4. Voting for position of Treasurer
Nominations for all positions to be submitted to the President (Mikaela Tilse) 24 hours before the commencement of the meeting. All nominations must be submitted by the nominee or a fellow Ag Soc member and be seconded by an additional Ag Soc member. All nominees are to present a 1-minute speech regarding their nominated position. If in absence, a fellow Ag Soc member may speak on their behalf. All nominations are to be sent via email ( or via Facebook.
  1. Short break for tallying of votes
  2. Call for any final items on agenda from floor
  3. Conclusion and close of meeting