Club : KOSTA Renewed
DATE: 20 Aug 2019
TIME: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location : Holme Building Meeting Room 1

The AGM of KOSTA Renewed is to be held at Holme Building Meeting Room 1 on August 20th from 6PM to 7PM. All members would have received notification and announcements up on society social network page. The current executives are: Il Doo Park, President Jiwon Lee, Vice-President Minseok Jin, Secretary Won Kim, Treasurer Sarah Park, Members Relations Director Harry Choi, Marketing Director. There will be 6 executive positions proposed for 2019-2020. They are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Marketing Director, and a newly proposed role of Praise Team Leader. Below is the meeting agenda and the description of each section. 1. OPENING AND WELCOME All attendees will be greeted and welcomed as the AGM starts. 2. APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE Absences of executive and ordinary members will be apologised for. 3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes of the previous meeting will be reviewed and all business and queries arising from it will be addressed. 4. BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES If there are any business or queries arising from the minute of the previous meeting, it shall be addressed. 5. CORRESPONDENCE Incoming and outgoing correspondence since the previous meeting of the Society will be circulated. 6. MOTIONS ON NOTICE a. Amendment of Constitution i. Article 1 of Constitution – amendment of society’s name from KOSTA Renewed to KOSTA Current Clause: The name of the society shall be KOSTA Renewed (Korean Students in All Nations Renewed) (Hereinafter referred to as ‘KOSTA Renewed’). Proposed Clause: The name of the society shall be KOSTA (Korean Students in All Nations) (Hereinafter referred to as ‘KOSTA’). ii. Article 5 of Constitution – The Executive - Addition of Article 5.5 ‘Praise team leader’ Current Clause: The KOSTA shall have addition to the executive role referred as the praise team leader (Hereinafter referred to as ‘The praise team leader’). New Proposed Clause: KOSTA Renewed shall have an Executive consisting of Praise team Leader (Hereinafter referred to as ‘The praise team leader’). iii. Article 11 of the Constitution – Property and Finance - Amendment of Article 11.3- to change payment method of the Society from cheque to bank transfer Current Clause: All payments of KOSTA shall be by cheque, signed by at least two members of the Executive, one of whom must be the Treasurer. New Proposed Clause: All payments of KOSTA shall be by bank transfer. 7. ANNUAL REPORTS Annual reports will be made by executives listed below on their corresponding roles, and their achievements of the duties listed on the constitution. 7.1 President 7.2 Vice President 7.3 Treasurer 7.4 Secretary 8. ELECTION OF THE EXECUTIVES A returning officer shall be appointed. New executives shall be elected to the roles listed below by voting from proposed nominees by the 'First Past the Post' method by a secret ballot.  President  Vice-President  Treasurer  Secretary  Marketing Director  Praise team leader 9. GENERAL BUSINESS Businesses that needs to be addressed shall be addressed. 10. OTHER BUSINESS Businesses that arise during the meeting shall be addressed. 11. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING The next weekly meeting will be at Tuesday, 27th August 2019, 5PM at Holme Building Reading Room. 12. CLOSE OF MEETING The meeting shall be closed and attendees to be dismissed.