A General Meeting of The Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble

Club : The Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble - MUSE
DATE: 19 Mar 2019
TIME: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location : Reading Room, The Holme Building

AGENDA OF GENERAL MEETING OF The Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble TO BE HELD AT 6pm AND 19th March 2019 AT Reading Room, The Holme Building, University of Sydney 1. OPENING AND WELCOME - Welcome To Country - Introduction of 2019 Executive 2. APOLOGIES AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE 3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING & BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES - General Executives may be assigned specific roles in terms of looking after the management of our bands and crew. - What would we like to purchase as assets for the society this year? - Continuing the discussion about both show and production team quotas. 4. ELECTION OF CABARET SHOW AMENDMENTS PRODUCTION TEAM Following on from the success of last year’s production of ‘Into A New Life’, this year’s MUSE Cabaret will entail a crafted set list of musical theatre numbers performed by a cast of up to 30 in the Sound Lounge at the Seymour Centre from 15-18th May. The show will feature a mix of solo items, small group numbers, and whole cast items. The exact configuration of the production team has been contingent on the interest that has been expressed up until the open of this meeting, as well as any interest expressed in the election. Submitted applications for these positions have been considered by the exec. We will be looking to ideally elect a Producer, Director and two Music Directors. Voting procedure: Executive will nominate those who have made written submissions for relevant submissions. Voting members will nominate eligible applicants from the floor for the relevant positions. Each nominee will have up to two minutes to pitch their vision for the show before answering up to three questions from the floor. Candidates may stay for the duration of the pitches, but will be asked to leave the room for the duration of the vote. For two or fewer candidatures, a vote of confidence will be conducted via an anonymous raising of hands. For more than two candidates, votes will be conducted by preferential secret ballot. 5. GENERAL BUSINESS - Honourary Memberships - Upcoming Calendar Events: Open Mic (TONIGHT) after the close of the General Meeting at The Newsagency, MUSE Attends: ‘Title of Show’ (April), MUSE Attends: Willoughby’s ‘Sweet Charity; - Introducing a Payment Plan for money owed to the society from members. 6. DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING - To be announced. 7. CLOSE OF MEETING