USU's Reusable Cups

The USU saw 700,000 singular use coffee cups used by its outlets customers in 2016 and recognised the opportunity to decrease it's environmental footprint. 

The reusable cups come in three different sizes starting from $5 with a free coffee upon your purchase and are now available at USU outlets*. In addition, the USU continues to offer a $0.35c discount when using these cups or any reusable cup. 

The USU have also seen a demand within our student population for an alternative as having previously launched a keep cup which sold out half way through the year. During 2016 our customers redeemed 20,830 “refill” coffees and in the first 7 months of 2017 this figure has been exceeded.

Planet Ark says that approx. 60,000 kilograms of plastic waste from coffee cups is directed to landfill each year in Australia, where it can take about 50 years to break down.

It's also estimated that 500 billion coffee cups are produced globally each year and if they were placed end to end they'd circumnavigate the globe 1,360 times.

This is just one of the first initiatives the USU is taking in the coming years to improve its practices that have a negative effect on the environment. This initiative has the support of Responsible Cafes and Healthy Sydney University.


* Courtyard, Footbridge, UniMart, Laneway, Abercrombie Terrace and Fisher.